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Spaar mee en wordt lid van de PrimeVal club

The PrimeVal Club

We believe that rewarding regular customers is more important than just letting new customers benefit from promotions. That's why we started the PrimeVal Club.

Become a member of the PrimeVal Club and automatically save for super fun activities, free products and / or discounts on supplements. 

You can read how this works on this page.

1. Create an account

This is free and can be done via this link: create Account

2. Login and order the supplements for your dog or horse

You automatically save points with every order. For every euro you spend within the PrimeVal shop you get 1 point.

3. Get an update monthly

Every first of the month you will receive the number of points you have saved. As soon as you have enough points to redeem, make a choice in the special PrimeVal Club shop.

4. We reward regular customers extra

Within the PrimeVal savings system we reward regular customers extra. You start with a Silver membership. Then you enter Gold and eventually you can even earn Platinum. As soon as you have Gold or Platinum you save for points even faster.  

5. Exchange your points for exclusive activities

In the coming weeks we will be adding more and more activities to the PrimeVal club. You can save for free supplements or the activities below;