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Nutritional advice for the dog

Nutritional advice for the dog

Dog food has undergone major developments in recent years. The ingredients used have changed, but more and more research is also being done on dog food. The composition of dog food is adapted to the latest insights, resulting in new nutritional advice for the dog.

Amount of dog food

Follow the directions on the package of dog food to determine nutritional advice for your dog. It is advisable to divide the meal into at least 2 meals a day, for dogs with sensitive digestion it may be even better to give the meals in even smaller portions. So to have more feeding moments per day for the dog.

There are also guidelines in the nutritional advice on the packaging for the amount of dog food. Follow these guidelines to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients it needs.

Some dog owners like to prepare dog food themselves. A lot of knowledge is needed to achieve the right balance in all nutrients and in particular the vitamins and minerals. It is therefore important to thoroughly understand this when you make this choice.

Dog food supplements

The PrimeVal supplements can be given as a supplement to your dog's food without any problems. This applies to self-prepared dog food as complete dog food (kibble, wet food or dinner) from the store. The PrimeVal Supplements enrich the dog food and give your dog extra health support. For nutritional advice for your dog in the field of supplements, look at the guidelines on the PrimeVal product and the specific needs of your dog.