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Spaar mee en wordt lid van de PrimeVal club


Willem Greve 

Willem has been obsessed with horses since childhood. He competed in the Ponies, Juniors and Young Riders 10 European Championships with seven different ponies and horses. He has now been able to realize his big dream at a beautiful equestrian complex in Markelo for training young horses, doing top sport and trading in sport horses. In addition, Willem is with Zypria S N.O.P. included in the Dutch Olympic competition jumping. 

  • Gold, 2x silver and bronze at the World Championships for Young Horses
  • 2x silver and 2x bronze at the European Championships
  • 5 x winner of a Nations Cup Competition


Fabiënne Roelofsen

Fabiënne Roelofsen has been since she was 5e already infected with the horse virus. Every day she gets energy from working with the horses. Fabiënne thinks it is important that the horses want to do it for her in the ring and that they have fun. Stal Roelofsen pays a lot of attention to this and the PrimeVal supplements are a very nice addition to this. 

Results ponies:
  • Winner Grand Prix Indoor Wierden with Fred in 2006
  • Winner Roelofsen Raalte Trophy Small Tour with Imagine in 2007
  • Team Silver at the European Championship with Fred in 2008
Results horses:
  • Winner Grand Prix of Zuidwolde with Canto Bruno in 2020
  • Multiple high rankings and clear rounds at 2 * and 3 * level


Meike Zwartjens

Meike is 16 years old and comes from a real horse family from Raalte. She has been driving since she was 5e year. She has competed internationally with the ponies and children and currently she is included in the B-frame with the juniors and competes with the seniors at 1 *, 2 ** and with young horses. The Zwartjens family trains self-bred horses to top sport level.

Results ponies:

  • Winner youth competition heavy tour with Orchid's Sea Foam in 2017
  • Nations Cup Lambrechtshausen winner with Orchid’s Sea Foam in 2017
  • Bronze Dutch Championship class ZZ with Ziggy Z and vdk in 2018

Results horses:

  • Winner Grand Prix Children Jumping de Achterhoek with Gaillard de la Pomme in 2017
  • 2nd Nations Cup Children Lambrechtshausen with Gaillard de la Pomme in 2018
  • 2nd youth competition Juniors with Twister de la Pomme in 2019 and 2020
  • 5th places Dutch Junior Championship with Twister de la Pomme in 2019
  • Winner Nations Cup Juniors Wierden with Twister de la Pomme in 2020


Bram Chardon

As a 4-team driver it gives Bram a kick that you can control 4 horses with minimal assistance, that they 'want' to work for you to fight for the victory as one team of man and horse.
Team Chardon has been a user of Primeval products for over 15 years, which makes an important contribution to keeping our horses fit and 'happy'. The horse is the real athlete and if they don't feel well it is not possible for us to become world champions. Bram Chardon has entered the Dutch Olympic team of four-in-hand with his team.

  • 3 times World Champion 4-pair ponies
  • European Champion 2019 4-in-team horse
  • Winner of the FEI World Cup Driving 2019


Derk Jan Mekkes

Derk Jan and his sister Hanneke are the driving force behind Stal Mekkes. They are active on a national level with their harness horses and Stal Mekkes is a brand at events abroad, where they present their harness horses to an international audience. Harness horses are able to bring the audience into ecstasy with their natural way of moving. 
Stal Mekkes has been using PrimeVal products for years. As a young horse, the horses are trained and, partly due to the use of PrimeVal, they are able to continue to deliver top performance until a high age. It keeps the muscles and joints supple and the horses stay in top shape. 

  • Multiple winner Masterclass Harness Horses
  • Winner of the National Single Driving Competition 
  • Dutch Champion 2-Span 
  • Dutch Champion Clover 3 
  • Dutch Champion Four-in-hand
  • Hippiade Champion 2-team

Madeleine Witte- Fear

Dressage rider at the highest level and owner of Stal Witte together with her husband. Her motivation in top sport is a combination of several factors. Driving, having fun, dealing with animals and doing top sport in which she tries to develop herself better and better. Madeleine is included in the Dutch Olympic Kader dressage. 

  • Silver Dutch Championship Big Tour in 2017
  • 9 times KNHS Champion 
  • Individual 8th place European Championship in 2017
  • Multiple high rankings in World Cup competitions
  • Multiple Heavy Tour victories


Sanne van der Pols

16 years old and comes from Abbenbroek. At the moment Sanne is in her HAVO exam year at the Thorbecke in Rotterdam. With her horses Excellency and Cuvanck Pp she has participated 4 times in the European Dressage Championships and is currently starting with the Juniors. She also has Kopperfield C-Two DVB, a 5-year-old gelding and hopefully her future U25 horse. She gets the motivation from the fact that it never goes perfectly and that you work towards this together, together with her horses and with primeval. Sanne is included in the A-cadre dressage Juniors. 

  • 2x Team Gold at the European Children Championship 
  • Bronze at the Dutch Children Championship
  • Team Silver on it European championship Juniors in 2019 
  • Team Bronze on it European championship Juniors in 2020
  • Silver at the Dutch Junior Championship 2020