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Spaar mee en wordt lid van de PrimeVal club

About PrimeVal

Nutrition is the basis for good horse health. Sometimes there are situations where the horse has an increased need for health support. Supplementing the diet with a supplement is an obvious choice. However, there are many nutritional supplements and many differences in quality.

PrimeVal has a complete line of the highest quality supplements. They are all balanced products that have been specially developed for (sport) horses and broodmares! The PrimeVal products meet strict quality requirements. 

At PrimeVal, scientific research is the basis of the products, composition and ingredients.

PrimeVal products are characterized by the high bioavailability of the ingredients. This means that the ingredients are very well absorbed, are immediately available to the body and end up in the right place in the body. In this way the ingredients can directly support the health of the horse.

The PrimeVal range for horses consists of 5 different product lines:

  • Joints
  • stress
  • Skin & Coat
  • Sports & recovery
  • Vitamins & Minerals


PrimeVal supports a number of internationally and nationally successful riders and amazons in various branches of the equestrian sport. Partly due to the use of the PrimeVal product line, they perform very successfully at a high level during national and international competitions. 

Our Primeval ambassadors are:

Jumping: Willem Greve, Fabienne Roelofsen and Meike Zwartjens

Dressage: Madeleine Witte-Vrees and Sanne van der Pols

Driving: Bram Chardon and Derk Jan Mekkes