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Feeding advice for your horse

Nutritional advice horse

Horses are predominantly roughage eaters. If horses were allowed to look for it themselves, they will find almost everything they need in good roughage (grass, hay, alfalfa silage). However, horses have become almost completely dependent on humans for their feed. Most horse owners are also not exactly aware of the analysis (what's in it) of the roughage they feed.

In fact, the biochemistry in the gastrointestinal system of horses requires that they should spend at least 17 hours a day collecting roughage. It is therefore important that your horse's “breakfast” consists of roughage (hay or silage). It is best to divide the amount of daily roughage over 4-6 feedings per day; with this you stimulate the necessary intestinal peristalsis, which greatly reduces the risk of colic and unwanted shed behavior and the nutrients are better absorbed. The so-called feeding aversion will also disappear and the horse will chew more slowly so that the so-necessary digestive enzymes can be formed from the saliva.

Make it a habit that if you "remove" the horses for the night, this is also roughage only. You always give concentrate after the roughage and never before the night's rest! This feeding schedule is also extremely suitable for horses with prescribed “stable rest”. If you want to make sure that your horse does not lack anything, we advise you to supplement the diet with at least fatty acids and a good multivitamin every day.