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Frequently asked questions about PrimeVal Stressless for horses

Does my horse suffer from stress?

Of course you want the very best for your horse. His health and well-being therefore come first. Today we demand more and more from the horses and they are more and more exposed to stressful situations. One horse is more sensitive to stress than the other horse. A high degree of stress does not have a good effect on the health and welfare of a horse and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. In addition, it is not pleasant for you if your horse underperforms due to stress or is weighed down by stress.


How does Primeval Stressless

PrimeVal StressLess is a unique soothing supplement that helps your horse to relax. The soothing herbs and nutrients in PrimeVal StressLess reinforce each other, so that the horse's sensitivity to stress is tackled on several points. It is very suitable for use during stress moments such as breaking the saddle, shaving, visiting the farrier and veterinarian or competitions. With the PrimeVal StressLess Injector you realize a fast approach to stress. The soothing herbs in combination with essential amino acids help to reduce tension and stress, without compromising the alertness of your horse. Your horse does not become dull and the horse can therefore continue to perform at top level and you can just keep riding it. Your horse stays cool in the head and on the lesson. With PrimeVal StressLess you can familiarize your horse with things that would otherwise stress him in a relaxed and simple way.


Can I give Primeval Stressless to my pregnant or lactating mare?

The effect of PrimeVal Stressless has been studied in non-pregnant horses. It contains amino acids and herbs of which the effect and safety are guaranteed, but of which sometimes too little research data is known to be able to guarantee with certainty that they are also suitable during pregnancy and lactation. Incidentally, this product has no known negative consequences of administration to pregnant mares. Sufficient data is still lacking, and PrimeVal has the policy to discourage a product.


How should I give Primeval Stressless to my horse?

You can easily mix the PrimeVal products through the feed. PrimeVal StressLess are pallets, these are small chunks (think of biks shape) that can go directly through the feed.


Can my horse develop resistance to Primeval Stressless?

PrimeVal StressLess can be administered indefinitely if you adhere to the daily recommended amount, so you do not need to build in a rest period. This is because all PrimeVal products are 100% natural food supplements (we do not use synthetic ingredients) and are completely sugar free; composed on the basis of the science of orthomolecular medicine. As a result, no addiction or habituation symptoms can occur.