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Orthomolecular feed supplementation

Orthomolecular medicine aims to supplement the body with the necessary nutrients to the correct amounts, so that the body can remain optimally healthy.

The body must absorb everything it needs through food in terms of fuels (carbohydrates and fats), building materials (proteins and fats) and regulating and protective substances (vitamins, minerals and amino acids). If the body is offered too little, one-sided or incomplete nutrition, it will no longer be able to perform certain functions and this will lead to physical and psychological complaints in the long term. Factors such as pollution, radiation, stress, etc. can accelerate this process.

This negative spiral can be reversed through orthomolecular nutrition and supplementation. The body receives the nutrients it needs to carry out all biochemical processes, to excrete any foreign substances (as a result of medicines, radiation, etc.) and to build up reserves.