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Prevent a winter dip with vitamins and minerals

Posted by Manon Bolhuis on

Voorkom een winterdip met vitamines en mineralen

Autumn is in full swing. The weather conditions change and with it probably the feeding and care of your horse. In the autumn, the composition changes in the grass or your horse may be kept more in the stable or in a paddock. That means a change in ration and daily exercise. To ensure that your horse still receives sufficient nutrition, vitamins and minerals, you can compensate for these changes by giving (more) roughage, concentrates and/or supplements.

The body uses more energy

Your horse's needs depend on age, size, labor, gender and character. In addition, you have to take into account that your horse is preparing for the winter and will therefore shed, which also costs extra energy. To prevent him from getting a thick winter coat, it is best to start putting on a blanket in time.

In addition, the chance of ailments in the autumn with your horse is greater, just like with us. It is therefore extra important that your horse gets enough vitamins and minerals to stay fit and healthy. In this way you maintain your horse's resistance in this often wet and cold period of the year. But how do you do that?

No grass, less vitamin E and Selenium

When your horse returns to the stable or paddock after a period of grazing, it is good to supplement vitamin E and Selenium. This normally gets your horse out of the fresh grass in the meadow and is important for a good immune system. To support your horse, PrimeVal . offers Vitality ESL. This supplement supplements these deficiencies, you can give it daily and is a good support with valuable nutrients for the muscles of the sport horse and the general health. This product maintains healthy cells and tissues and contributes to a good immune system. In addition, vitamin E and Selenium protect cells against oxidative stress and have a beneficial effect on the blood vessels.

Extra support with multivitamins

To maintain a good resistance, your horse needs sufficient vitamins and minerals. PrimeVal Multivitamin prevents a winter dip. This liquid complete multivitamin supplement contributes to the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. The correct ratio of vitamins in the supplement ensures that the body continues to function optimally. It has a positive influence on the health, resistance and immune system of your horse. This product is a welcome addition if your horse has been ill, receives little concentrate or has to perform a lot of physical exertion.

Look at your horse

Keep a close eye on your horse's appearance and behavior at all times to detect changes. If you know your horse well, you know exactly when he feels a little less well. The coat may become a bit duller, there is less energy, he loses weight or the manure changes. These are signs that your horse may be deficient in certain nutrients. A long-term deficiency can have major consequences for the health of your horse and can make your horse more susceptible to diseases.

It is therefore good to supplement the deficiencies of your horse with supplements. Make sure that your horse always has clean drinking water available and that it receives sufficient good quality roughage. Always follow the prescribed dosage on the supplement package for best results. 

In addition, exercise is also very important for the health of your horse, too little exercise can have a negative influence. Is your horse more stable in the winter? Then try to give him some extra exercise and distraction in a different way.

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